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The Elegance of a Calla Lily Wedding
by: Helen Marakis
Imagine having a wedding so beautiful it leaves your guests breathless. Imagine a ceremony so sophisticated and refined, that for years to come, others will consider it the standard for wedding elegance. You can have such a wedding by letting the natural loveliness of a calla lily serve as your guide.

Since the introduction of the beautiful calla lily in the second half of the 19th century, this trumpet-shaped blossom has been a favorite of artists, connoisseurs and brides. With its long, pure lines, and delicately shaded centers, calla lilies are the embodiment of sophistication. Indeed, in the language of flowers, calla lilies symbolize sophistication, beauty, and purity. What more appropriate flower to grace your wedding?

Whether a single long-stemmed blossom is chosen or a dozen, calla lilies form an elegant bouquet for any bride. And their simplicity will add, rather than detract from the bridal gown. For the bride that loves calla lilies but wants an elegant crown that will last for years, the perfect choice is a regal wedding crown of meticulously hand-crafted porcelain callas. It would be a stylish wedding crown that will be cherished for years.

The Portara Gallery online carries elegant porcelain calla lily wedding bombonieres (favors) that are embedded with five Jordan almonds - a wedding tradition representing 5 wedding wishes for the bridal couple: fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity. The almonds are encircled in organdy and silver, making a lovely background for the porcelain calla lilies that adorn the favor. These bombonieres are not only beautiful, but useful! And why not use your imagination and add them to candles, bridesmaid's baskets, ring-bearer pillows or even on the wedding cake?

A traditional Orthodox wedding ceremony or a modern exchange of vows - whatever style wedding you chose will be enhanced by the soft light of candles. You can choose wedding candles decorated meticulously with porcelain calla lilies. The candles may be plain or very ornate, but in a traditional ceremony, they represent Christ as the Light of the World and light the path to the new life the bridal couple is beginning together.

Reception tables covered with pristine white linen and enhanced by beautiful bombonieres at each place setting create a sophisticated setting for your guests. Imagine their delight as these small works of art become lasting mementoes of this special occasion. For a special touch, tie a calla lily favor to the stem of each wine glass or to the back of each chair with an engraved name card.

Your wedding can be unforgettable for not only you, but for each of your guests when you surround them with the stunning beauty and grace of calla lilies. Whether you chose the simple beauty of fresh lilies or the lasting elegance of porcelain callas, your wedding will create a lasting impression of your style and refinement.

About the author:
Find handcrafted, porcelain favors, candles, flower girl headpieces and wedding crowns at http://www.portara.comPortara is committed to giving you nothing less than the best for the wedding of your dreams!

Helen Marakis owns The Portara Gallery, which delivers the finest gifts and unique creations for all occasions.

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